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Release Notes 2019-6-17

about a year ago by Yvonne Guttmann

Admin Console Version 257
ApproveSimple App Version 1.5.12
Documentation Version 1.10


  • improved: Admin Console - Error Messages following Save or Update failures now specify the specific reason for the failure.
  • fixed: Connectors - Deleting connectors no longer causes error.
  • improved: Connectors - Optimizations of prefetch of attachments.
  • improved: Connectors - Logs now indicate whether DataMismatch occurred as result of modification, addition or deletion.
  • improved: Connectors - Connector action validations can be set per action type to be SDK-based or connector-based.
  • improved: Connectors - Instant Connector - dynamically obtains region.
  • added: Desktop App - Demo access enabled.
  • added: Desktop App - Credential Encryption.
  • added: Desktop App - In addition to approve and reject, an additional action can be enabled.
  • added: Mobile App - Error messages are now displayed directly on approval request card.
  • improved: Mobile App. - Added 64-bit Android support enhances performance on Android devices.