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Reverse Proxy Setup

Connectors hosted by Capriza on a dedicated VPC can access source applications behind your firewall through a reverse proxy.

Security and Deployment Model

Configuring the Reverse Proxy

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a publicly accessible reverse proxy.
  2. Provide Capriza with the hostname and IP address of each internal source application as exposed by the Reverse Proxy.
  3. Configure the reverse proxy to:
  • Allow traffic from the Capriza-provided ApproveSimple Connector IP addresses.
  • Forward all traffic from the connector to the correct internal system based on the provided Host header.


Capriza-provided static IP addresses

For each connector, Capriza provides four static IP addresses:

  • Two static IP addresses are allocated in the main region, providing high availability
  • Two static IP addresses are configured in a different region to provide Disaster Recovery.
  1. Configure the reverse proxy with a valid SSL certificate to allow secure access from the connector.


IMPORTANT for Security:

The reverse proxy should only accept requests from the IP
addresses specified by Capriza.

For additional security, you may provide a client
certificate which Capriza will configure so that requests from the connector server
will include the certificate.

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Reverse Proxy Setup

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