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ApproveSimple Launch Process

by Yael Lapid

1. Overview

This paper describes a recommended process for launching the ApproveSimple solution in your organization. Further information can be provided by your Customer Success contact person.

It is assumed that the development of the solution was completed, tested and passed UAT (User Acceptance Tests).

This table describes the roles that participate in the launch process:


Contribution to Launch Process

ApproveSimple Project Manager

Overall management of process and assessment of success

Service/ Business Owner

Owns launch communications and launch plan

Connector Developer

Owns technical deployment of the connectors

ApproveSimple Org Manager

Your organizationโ€™s ApproveSimple Admin - has Org Manager access/permissions to the ApproveSimple Dashboard -

Project Team

Has access to production end-user accounts on the source system for testing purposes

2. First-Time Connector(s) Deployment in Production

Done by: Connector Developer



End users are still not mapped at this point and therefore do not receive notifications.

The Connector Developer deploys the Connector to the Production URL with relevant access credentials for the integration user, etc.:

  • verifies that the fetching of data and the performance of the connector are as expected
  • uses event log to track connector issues and fix any issues before moving to next step

3. Validation in Production

Done by: Project Team

Once the connector is deployed to Production, a few real users should be mapped for validation.

  • Choose users with data in Production
  • Verify that the data fetched for those users is as expected
  • Verify that Approve/Reject/other actions by a user are performing as expected
  • Examine the Admin Console Events Log and user feedback for data that should be brought to the attention of the Connector Developer



During this Validation in Production step, the Connector Developer should use the event log to track and fix any connector issues before moving to next step.

4. Communications to End Users

Done By: ApproveSimple Service Owner

Just before users are mapped to source application systems from the ApproveSimple Service, the service owner may wish to distribute an announcement to all the users that are about to get access to the ApproveSimple service. Announcements may include an invitation to install the ApproveSimple Mobile App from the public stores.


Public Store Addresses for installing ApproveSimple



A separate installation invitation is sent by the OrgAdmin from the Admin Console. (See Section 5.)

5. Mapping Users in Production

Done By: Org Manager ย 

Recommended process:



Updating users via APIs or automated Sync tool will be documented and made available in the near future.

  • Use the Admin Console Event Log to track and fix any issues before adding more users

6. After Mapping Users

  • Mapped users who have not yet installed the ApproveSimple Mobile App, will receive email notification of any new request. The email will contain request data and a link to download the app. ย 
  • Mapped users who are logged-in to ApproveSimple receive app-notifications of new requests.
  • When app-notifications cannot be sent, for example when the user is not logged into ApproveSimple (i.e. before installing the app or when the user is signed-out of the app), mapped users receive email notifications.



The email notification should be configured by the ApproveSimple OrgAdmin role to contain the OrgAdmin contact info labeled as ApproveSimple Service Administrator email.

Users can unsubscribe from the email notifications.

  • The Project Team continues to view events in the events log in the Admin Console. Any user feedback, etc., should be brought to the attention of the Connector Developer.
  • The Connector Developer continues to watch the events log and fix any connector issues that appear.

7. Sending Invitations to Additional Users

Done by: Org Manager

Recommended process:

  1. In the Admin Console Users tab, select the users to be invited:
  1. In upper right corner of Users tab, click Invite Selected:
  1. In the dialog that opens, enter, replace or modify the invitation text to be included in the invitation.
  1. Click send.

The invited user will receive an invitation (similar to the invitation pictured below) that includes a link for downloading the ApproveSimple app.



The email directs users to reopen the email on their mobile devices in order to use the GoToApp link to the ApproveSimple download.

When the invited user installs the app, the login process starts automatically according to the authentication policy defined for the organization: Quick, SAML or Password.

8. Driving Adoption

The Dashboard allows Org Managers to monitor adoption of the service, and re-invite users.

The following Admin tools are available for that:

  • Usage dashboard: Shows number of active (signed-in) users, calls handled, approvals, rejections,
    and other actions during the selected time-frame.
  • Users tab:
    • Last active: per user, when was the last time the user opened the app.
    • Last invited: date that the user was last invited by the org manager.
    • Invite: The org manager can send a customizable invitation to a user or a number of users.
      There is no limit to the number of times the org manager can invite any given user.
  • Users' Actions tab: Shows all actions done by users over the selected time period.
    The list can be exported to a CSV for external processing and presentations.

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ApproveSimple Launch Process

by Yael Lapid

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