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In the ApproveSimple architecture, there are three main components: ApproveSimple Cloud Service, the Connectors and the ApproveSimple mobile app .

The ApproveSimple Cloud Service provides for and manages all ApproveSimple services, including authentication, authorization, secure data storage, and analytics. ApproveSimple resources can be managed using the Admin Console.

The Connectors are the entities responsible for retrieving and normalizing open approval request data from the source applications and making it available to end users via the ApproveSimple Cloud Service. After end user mobile action changes the status of the request data on the cloud service, the connectors update the source applications with updated request data.

The ApproveSimple mobile app is the user interface on which approval items are presented to the end user for being viewing and acted upon.

The ApproveSimple Cloud Service is comprised of the controller with its multiple micro-services and the Secured Data Store.

The controller's multiple micro-services manage approvals-type schemas, end users’ authentication and authorization, push notification management, and more.

The Secured Data Store, in which the normalized approvals data is cached, provides application users with fast and reliable access to approvals data.

Schema, defined for each approval type of each application system, are the “contracts” between the source application approval flows and the mobile UI for that flow, providing normalization of enterprise application data that makes it usable in the ApproveSimple cloud service and on the ApproveSimple mobile app.

The Connectors provide the access to the source applications using several available technologies, as relevant to each source application. Each Connector consists of three components – Controller, Business Logic, and Driver(s).

The ApproveSimple mobile app is a native mobile app that provides simple unified access to any type of approval item. The ApproveSimple mobile app enables users to view the request details required for making a decision and provides action buttons to approve or reject the request.

ui-templates holds the definitions of the mobile app card templates, also known as UI mapping objects, for each approval type per source application system. Each template is identified with a schemaId. The UI mapping object in the ui-templates.json identified by its schemaID is used for correctly formatting each request's data for display on the mobile app.

The ApproveSimple solution offers worldwide distributed cloud services using a global acceleration CDN for optimized access from the mobile devices. On the Connectors’ side, the solution provides both customer-dedicated cloud-based Connectors servers as well as private Connectors servers that can be installed on a customer’s on-premise network.

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