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Connector SDK

ApproveSimple Connectors manage the synchronization and updating of open approval requests between source applications and the Capriza Cloud Service. Connectors pull approval requests from the source application to the ApproveSimple cloud service and update the source application data when ApproveSimple users take actions such as approve/reject etc. on approval requests. When an action is taken on an approval request, the connector checks that the approval request is identical to that on the source system. If it is not, the outdated approval request is not updated on the source system. Instead, the updated approval request is presented to the ApproveSimple end user responsible for responding to it.

SDK Contents and Purpose

The Connector SDK presents the tools, instructions, information and methods needed by developers for developing connectors. The SDK documents, code samples and tool descriptions are designed to help you develop, configure, test and preview a new connector, verifying that it performs effectively on the source application approval request types for which it is being developed.



Generally, one connector is developed for each approval request type of each source application system.

Preview of Connector Development

To develop a connector you need to follow a certain sequence of activities described in
Connector Creation Steps General :
These steps include:

  • Initiating the connector skeleton with the command that installs the Connector SDK.

  • Following the steps the Connector Creation Steps in this guide which include:

  • Populating the functions of your business logic code according to the requirements of your source application.

  • Testing the connector using ApproveSimple Inspector

  • Deploying the connector

  • Testing the connector in the production environment with test data

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Connector SDK

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