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Get Started

Instant Connector

You access the Instant Connector wizard from the Connector's page of the Admin Console.

The wizard lets you select the required use cases, add users and deploy the instant connector.

  1. On the Connectors page, select the appropriate Environment from the list in the upper left corner and then click Add Instant Connector at the upper right (as shown in image above).
    The first page of the Instant Connector wizard is displayed.
  1. Select the required instant connector from the choices presented.
    (At time of writing, only ServiceNow instant connector is available. Others are coming soon!)
    A preview of the use-cases for the selected instant connector is displayed.
  1. Click Next.
    The Configure API page is displayed.
  1. Insert the source system API URL, username and password and then click NEXT.

After connecting to the Source System using the credentials you entered, ApproveSimple displays the approval request types it identified and the number of items of each type. You can deselect approval types you are not interested in displaying in the ApproveSimple application.

  1. Verify that only those approval request types you are interested in displaying and handling in the ApproveSimple application are selected.
  2. Click Deploy.
    The Add Users page is displayed.
  1. Place your cursor in the Select Users text box to display ApproveSimple users to whom invitations can be sent.

Which users are displayed?

The users displayed are users that you have registered to the source system. Adding them to the invitation list will register them to ApproveSimple for the source application system when you click FINISH.

  1. Click users to invite.

As you click on users in the list, they are added to the Selected Users field.

  1. Optional: Deselect the Send Invitations to the Selected Users check box if you do not want to send the invitations now.
  2. Click Finish at the bottom of the page.

*Send Invitations to the Selected Users* check box

If the Send Invitations to the Selected Users check box is selected, these users will receive their ApproveSimple invitations with instructions for obtaining the ApproveSimple app. If they already have the app, or as soon as they obtain it, they can start handling approval requests from this newly integrated source system.

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Instant Connector

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