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Login Policies

The Login Policies page allows the Org Admin to

  • add new Login Policies for the organization
  • search, sort and edit existing login policies of the organization

Login Policy Functionality

The Login Policy enforces a defined method of authentication and other login security definitions and settings to those users to which the policy is applied.

Approve Simple Login Policies define login method (Quick, Credentials or SAML), application Idle Session Timeout, Lock Screen settings and access to ApproveSimple (via regular distribution or MDM distribution of the Organization).

Your Organization's Login Policies

Your organization has two Login Policies by default, but you may add as many login policies as needed. This flexibility allows for setting authentication methods per user role based on data sensitivity. It also enables using different policies for logging into the app and for logging into the Admin Console.

The default Login Policies are:

  1. Quick - email-based login policy.
  2. Credentials - password-based login policy.

Authentication Methods

A Login Policy has one authentication method associated with it. The following authentication methods are available:

Authentication Method




Only an email address is required to login.
When login is necessary (after session expires), the user receives an email enabling login.

  • App


Both email and password are required.

  • App
  • Admin Console


Users are redirected to an external SAML IdP
for authentication.

  • App
  • Admin Console

Adding a Login Policy

  1. Log into the Admin Console
  2. Click on Login Policies in the left-side navigation.
  3. In Login Policies, click the Add Policy option (upper right).

An empty Login Policy General Details form is displayed:


SAML dropdown list

The SAML dropdown list is displayed only when SAML is selected as the login type.

When SAML is chosen - A Secondary Field is displayed.

  1. On the Create Login Policy page that is displayed, enter the details of the policy:




Unique name for the policy.
This name will appear in the Policies drop-downs in the Create User page

Login type

The selected authentication method for the policy


The selected SAML definition.

Note: This is Relevant for SAML authentication method only. This drop down list is visible only if SAML was chosen for Login Type

Idle Session Timeout

The idle session timeout after which the user will be logged out.
Credentials and Quick login types only

Lock Screen

When selected, users are required to unlock the app with a PIN code
or TouchID/FaceID after the app is not used for a few minutes

  1. Click the Save button

Editing a Login Policy

To edit an existing login policy:

  1. From the Login Policies page of the Admin Console, click the edit button to the left of the required login policy name.
  2. On the General Details page of that policy, which is displayed in edit mode, edit the widgets according to the table above.
  3. Click Save.

Login Policy General Details page

Assigning a Login Policy to a User

Assignment of login policy is performed individually for each ApproveSimple user from the user's page.
New users are automatically assigned the Default login policy for accessing the App.
If the user is an Org Admin or Org Manager, you should also set the Admin Console (Credentials) login policy.

See Users for more details on setting the Login Policies of users.

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Login Policies

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