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Capriza ApproveSimple simplifies and accelerates corporate approvals by providing a single gateway to approval requests from all your organization's source systems. With ApproveSimple, your organization saves time, saves money and increases productivity by delivering a quick and easy way for managers to handle approvals any time, any place.

From any location, ApproveSimple users effectively and securely view, approve or reject source application approval requests. Using built-in and custom templates and connectors, ApproveSimple works with all enterprise applications that require action on approval requests.

The underlying technology enables the transformation and normalization of approval data from enterprise applications. The normalized data is formatted and displayed as a list of categorized approval requests. The end user views the requests, including request attachments, from multiple enterprise systems and is able to take actions such as approve, reject and reassign. ApproveSimple provides each end user with those actionable approval requests that await their response.

ApproveSimple Connectors

ApproveSimple Connectors manage the synchronization and updating of open approval requests between enterprise source applications and the ApproveSimple Cloud Service. Connectors pull pending approval requests from the source application to the ApproveSimple cloud service and update the source application data with approval requests that were available to ApproveSimple mobile app users.

The ApproveSimple Cloud Service delivers reliable access to enterprise application approval requests - anywhere, anytime. Its deployed connectors pull pending approval task data from the enterprise systems.

The data pulled by the connectors is normalized for use with ApproveSimple and cached in the ApproveSimple Cloud Service, making each approval request available on the ApproveSimple mobile app - where users see only those approval requests relevant to themselves and can act upon them with approve, reject and additional actions. Actions taken in the ApproveSimple mobile app are sent asynchronously to the source applications via the connectors.

Through its quality user experience and consolidation between the user's mobile app and the enterprise applications, Capriza ApproveSimple saves valuable user time and company expense, while avoiding business-stifling approval delays.