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Configuring a Source System Integration User

An important step in integrating a source system in ApproveSimple is the creation or definition of an Integration User. The source system Integration user will be used by the ApproveSimple connector to fetch data and to update approval requests on behalf of ApproveSimple end users.



Capriza recommends connecting to each source application system through ApproveSimple with a dedicated user account (Integration User) for that source system. This dedicated user account is the account used by the ApproveSimple connector to communicate with and update the Source System. It should have full data access privileges to the approval request data of the source system.

Since the system administrator is usually equipped with these permissions, the Administrator could serve as the Integration User. Alternatively, a new Integration User can be created.

The method of creating a new Integration User will vary from system to system. Please consult the source system documentation available for specific instructions.

Data Access for the Integration User

ApproveSimple must have the capability of accessing the source system application's approval requests data.

  1. Determine how approval request data is accessed in the source system.
  2. Configure the ApproveSimple dedicated user (the integration user) with the required permissions to access all the approval-request-related data of all users in the source system.


Equipping Integration User with required permissions

This is often accomplished by equipping the Integration User with access to the relevant source system APIs and/or tables. For more specific instructions, consult the source system documentation.

Gaining Permissions to Access Additional Data

When configuring the Integration User's permissions for accessing approval-related data that will be displayed to the end-user, you will want to consider data structures that hold:

  • Pending approvals
  • Delegations in the system
  • Item details
  • Attachments, etc.

Set Role Assignments for the Integration User

In the Source System, assure that the Integration User is assigned those permissions that are required to update approval requests on behalf of Source System users.

If the Integration User lacks the permissions for doing this, the ApproveSimple users will need to provide their own credentials to ApproveSimple when updating (approve/reject, etc.) approval requests.

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Configuring a Source System Integration User

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