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An important part of the ApproveSimple solution is the end user app. On devices, ApproveSimple is a native app. On the desktop, it is a Web App.
Users can access the Web app by signing in at


Browser Support and ApproveSimple Accessibility

The Web App is fully-supported by the latest versions of Google Chrome. It is available only via your desktop. For mobile access to ApproveSimple, always use the mobile app.

The app, whether mobile or web, provides a simple, intuitive and streamlined experience. It provides manager-approvers with all that is needed to execute their approval tasks on mapped enterprise source applications.


First-time Authentication

The first time the user runs the app, the user will be prompted to authenticate according to the login policy set for that user.

Users opening the application in response to an invitation email may not be asked to authenticate.

After authentication, the user will see the home page and be able to navigate through the approval request cards in his scope of responsibility.

See also: Login Policies.

Web App Layout

After login, the Approve Simple Web App presents all information on one consistent User Interface. All attachments are viewed as popups. Slight variations between approval requests exist, but the real estate of the detailed approval request remains basically uniform.

The left navigation panel displays a list of the user;s pending approval requests.

When any pending approval title is activated in the left panel navigation, the corresponding pending approval request is displayed in detail in the main panel of the application.

All the information needed by the manager to approve or reject the request is displayed in an easy-to-understand format very similar to that of the mobile application.


The Importance of Mobile App - Web App Similarity

The similarity between the presentations in the Mobile App and the Web App are important to the ease of crossover for the end-user. End-users should be able to move between these ApproveSimple formats as circumstances and personal preferences dictate. Similarities between the formats are directed at maintaining maximum user comfort in moving between ApproveSimple Web and Mobile formats.

Requester attachments, when clicked, are instantly displayed in pop-up windows. The approve and reject action buttons are located just above the detailed approval request.

The approval request backgrounds and the navigation panel icons are color-coded by type, helping users realize when they move from one group of approval request types to another. This is especially helpful when the lists of pending approval requests is long and a specific request or request type is sought.

Color-coding Advantage
The color coding in the left navigation panel allows the user to quickly scroll through the approval requests, color-coded by approval type, to locate a specific approval request type.


Tapping the Login down arrow opens an Option menu,

From the Option Menu you can, access:

  • Help for current page
  • Admin Console
  • Feedback to Capriza form [tbd soon]**
  • Recent system messages [tbd soon]
  • Privacy policy

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